jump-start friendship

As I turned over the ignition, ready for the familiar sound of the starter motor, I was greeted with silence followed by 'click click click'. I suddenly awoke out of my commuting zombie state to realise the car battery's flat.

My attempts to push the wagon along a flat carpark while avoiding the potholes proved futile. I stopped to laugh at myself and was joined by another laugh:
Hehe! I feel your pain. It must be the night for breakdowns? a girl's voice came from the darkness.
You to?
Yep. Mind if we help each other? I'm Tammy.
Her social confidence was refreshing amidst the gloomy scenario. Her car kicked over without any trouble, while mine gave no sign of hope.

While waiting for the NRMA, we went for a drive to charge her battery. From previous experience I called my wife, hinting to Tammy that I'm married. While small talk filled our travel I kept praying for a natural gospel opportunity to come our way. As we pulled into Caltex to refill I payed for her fuel before she could realise.
Thank you so much. That's the only good thing that happened to me today.
Yeah, I broke up with my boyfriend this morning and having to work made it worse, and then the breakdown topped it off!
The next hour was spent listening and comforting Tammy as her strong confident persona slowly opened up to a fragile hurt woman. Throughout our conversation she said things to me like:
   Its just so good to meet someone who cares.
   I really needed a friend to let this all out to.
   You're the best for putting up with all my crap right now.

The awkwardness of being praised reminded me of Jesus' sermon on the mount:

Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works
and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.
   Matthew 5
How can I help Tammy see my goodness is not me seeking praise?
How can I help her praise Jesus who works goodness in me?

The NRMA arrived and fixed my car faster than a rat out of an aqueduct. During our farewells we discovered we catch the same afternoon train and made plans to meet again. I ended our night with:
Thanks for the help, was great to meet you. I paused... I'll be praying for you, hope you feel better soon.

Driving home I laughed at my attempt to sneak 'prayer' into a goodbye hoping it would say something about my faith in Jesus. I pray God will plant the seed I so roughly scattered.

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