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Travelling through Sydney's CBD my cab was suddenly halted by a swarm of people heading towards Martin Place. I shifted along the back seat to view the signs and speakers, people and police gathered for the Stand Up for Tibet global awareness protest.

At lunch I joined the crowd to listen in on the various campaigns:

Boycott the Beijing Olympics!
Free Tibet!
Listen to Dalai Lama!
China, stop the killing!
I can't believe this, I mean people are people. a man to my left spoke under his breath. I greeted Steve and began an interesting chat.
You were saying 'people are people', what do you mean?
Well no matter who you are, you have rights you know?
Absolutely. How did you come to know that?
Human rights? I didn't, its just in us. Innocent people shouldn't be killed, simple.
Playing the devil's advocate here, what if China doesn't formally recognise human rights?
Well then you've gotta show em the right way, step in and get rid of them all.
Wouldn't that be killing innocent people?
What do ya mean?
Like, are the Chinese military innocent of killing because they are ignorant of human rights?
Na, see everyone knows the right thing to do. Even if the law says killing is ok, its still wrong.
So where do these absolute rights and morals come from?
I don't know, I guess we work them out. Don't need a big man upstairs to tell us.

The return cab trip was a quiet one as I considered our culture's arrogance.
Why is our take on human rights and morals the right one?
Why is credit rarely given to our Christian heritage?
Should we force China to adopt our law?
How's the travel been with the protest and all? I said to the driver, breaking the silence.
The Free Tibet one.
No idea, never heard of it.
You know, in the news about the Tibetan monks standing up for China's oppression?
Na, I guess people are more concerned about interest rates than what goes on in Tibet.

There we have it, the perfect answer of selfish western culture. So bluntly put, it struck a chord within, compelling me to discern what parts of my life do not conform to the selflessness and humility of Jesus Christ.

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