jesus-spotting while train-spotting

The noise of the daily newspaper filled the carriage as commuters sought distraction from mundane travel. I too desired entertainment, adding keyboard clicks amongst the commotion. Thanks to Google Alerts a somewhat unnoticed news story (Jan) filled the screen:

Jesus appears on train platform

Surprised at the title I read on to discover this occurred at Waverton, just three stations from my work. In my usual skepticism I began to question:
- Why is Jesus always the protagonist for cryptic images?
     Surely he has better things to do!
- How do people know what Jesus looks like?
     He most probably had short hair. Men grew their hair under Nazirite vow.
- Why is Jesus personally responsible for these random portraits?
     They couldn’t possibly the work of artists!
On a similar theme:
- What's with faith healers and Jesus-spotting? (a term I just coined)
     Benny Hinn claimed he has footage of Jesus appearing at his crusade.
TBN 2000-04-02
True - dodgy appearances don’t negate the possibility of true appearances. Paul and Stephen encountered Jesus in a powerful display of His glory. On the other hand, Kenneth Hagin’s famous visitation was a desperate attempt to credit his laws of prosperity. The message content is the key.
- So what to do with a Jesus appearance without a message?
     If nothing more, crazy Jesus-spotting claims create opportunity to share the true gospel with those interested.

Jesus' second coming will be far from cryptic or be light-heartedly dismissed…

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Dave Miers said...

hey i just spotted Jesus in my hot chocolate!

jpj said...

Classic! Can you post a photo of it?

jpj said...

That reminds me of a Family Guy episode.

Peter: There's a message in my alphabet cereal. It says... "oooooooooo"

Brian: Peter those are Cherrios!

Dave Miers said...

i drank it. sorry - no photo

Abu Daoud said...

To be fair St Mary gets her share of sightings too :-)

Abu Daoud said...

Well, I'm not sure about Benny Hinn, but Jesus has been appearing to folks here in the Muslim World, which is a main reason for conversions from Islam to Christianity.

But it seems like there is...a very different FEEL to the two circumstances.

Anyway, I do have an article about Muslims coming to Christ for those interested.

jpj said...

Welcome Abu.
Your blog has been a blessing to me as I explore the Islamic faith.
Thanks for the link also.

I rejoice that Jesus is revealing himself in the Muslim world. I have great confidence that it IS Jesus who is appearing. The fruit of such is faith in Christ, witnessing and a strength to endure persecution.
What more could be asked.