idle travel

Four straight days I have had the luxury of my own seat, my own space, my own speed, my own sounds. This week the norm was after-hours work that required the company van to which I gladly accepted and enjoyed.

Change of travel method changed a few things:
   - evangelising yourself yields little results
   - prayer is more responsible with open eyes
   - alert thinking is more important than abstract pondering
Most alarming however - the same travel time was far less effective.
Gone were the Bible reading, blog scanning, note taking days
Here were the radio comedy, news updates, traffic watch days

By the third day I adopted a somewhat awkward way of productive travel - Keller and Piper sermons playing through my laptop via a twisted pair of headphones. I'm interested to here how the experienced car commuter uses their time? Or even those who have purposely tackled the idle time of daily errands?

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singunto said...

radio can suck your time. I bought an ipod thingo for my car. sweet action.

jpj said...

dan, what do you listen to?
Is your motivation for listening to your ipod to be productive?
Just fill time?
Or something else?

vk said...

i find i listen to podcasts mainly when i want something stimulating otherwise i will crank some music on in the genre that accompanies my mood.

jpj said...

Sweet. Maybe I should use my ipod in the car. Bought it back in 2000 and its still kicking ...just only has a 4 minute battery life!