coach conversing

The hum of an engine coupled with friction of rubber provided a different atmosphere to ponder. Due to railwork, coaches were recently employed to cart the thousands home. Interestingly, the commute became more personal - maybe due to the limited seats or perhaps the opportunity to greet the driver. In this case, it was definitely the latter that made for an engaging journey.

The travel drone grew predictable until I heard the word "Jesus" stand out like a startled wildebeest. My eyes followed my ears without restraint as they focused in on where and who said such a wonderful name.

The bus driver!?!

He started talking to an old lady in the front seat - the details of which were hard to make out. Something like:
Jesus...by God...for us...saved from all...trust in him
The gospel. He's sharing the good news of Jesus! The old lady inquired:
So...had to die...to live?
Yes...in fact Jesus...save sinners...all are...saviour
I noticed the nervous shuffling as those around overheard Christianity explained.
I never knew...me and cared...need to do?
Believe in...He died and rose...life
Hang on, this is too good to be true. It sounds...scripted...
The more I listened the more it became clear this conversation was between believers.
A screenplay, a cast of two, a captive audience, and a show on the road. I wasn't sure whether to be encouraged or embarrassed.

As my stop approached, relief swept over my fatigue - not from the travel but the evangelism. Walking home I was reminded of Ed Stetzer's article on beginning Christ conversations and Justin Buzzard's recent the gospel in everyday post and wondered if they would endorse such tactics.

To be honest, I really don't know what I think. Based on content only, this encounter was the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ as outlined in Two Ways To Live. Based on contextual consideration, it matched a 3rd grade Easter production. Which led me to consider - are there rules or guidelines for evangelism?
One things for sure, I was led to reflect on my lack of witnessing:

- Why does my practise lag behind my understanding?
- Would my evangelism action change with greater acceptance or greater persecution?
      i.e. if things were different, would I be different?
New mode of transport - same issue

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Dave Miers said...

i reckon with greater acceptance there will be less willingness to proclaim.

i think greater persecution leads to great evangelism.

jpj said...

I agree.
Does Christianity's acceptance in a culture leave a false assumption that no Saviour is needed?

And vice-versa:
Does Christianity's rejection in a culture reveal a true assumption that a Saviour is needed?

Guthers said...

Why does my practise lag behind my understanding?

Good question - I wish I had a good answer