monday morning melancholy

I shuffle out of bed as the alarm resonates my ear.
I shuffle on the platform as the train vibrates my feet.

My absent, apathetic state demands relief and relaxation. Bypassing my usual glances at familiar faces, i contemplate for a second before opening my laptop to watch Bus 174. In the seclusion of my headphone padded world i am entertained and challenged by the hostage/documentary set in Brazil. The movie concludes as the train draws to a halt. I disembark and begin my walk to the office as a question from nowhere snags my thoughts:

...Does my time belong to me?

I pause to reflect on my usual travel time consumption:
- Sleep
- Work
- Study
- Play
- Outreach
and how my choice between these are largely based on my current mood. Another question prompts my attention:

...Should the usage of my time be dependent on my circumstances?

My mind wrestles with many conflicting thoughts. To summarise these a few hours removed would be premature. However, I can be sure that Jesus desires my time, and my desire should be Jesus.

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Dan said...

this blog is looking mad.

jpj said...

Thanks man.
The style was inspired by yourself so really you're saying:
i'm looking mad


cananeoy said...


Canan Eoy