friday from monday

Greater clarity has led me to note some reflection from Monday’s travels.

Does my time belong to me?
The typical Christian response is quite profound:

I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. Gal 2:20
Jesus doesn’t desire my time, he is my time. Life itself does not belong to me, Christ is my life.

Should the usage of my time be dependent on my circumstances?

How fleshly I am to consider this! If Jesus is everything, my life's goal should be to glorify him in any situation. The options of:
- Sleep
- Work
- Study
- Play
- Outreach
are all beneficial, so how to choose to honour Christ with my time?
Prayer as first choice gives Jesus supremacy in the decisions following. By pausing to ask God how to use my time, strips away my selfish circumstances, to reveal Jesus and his leading.

My practice of prayer falls short from my understanding of its importance, therefore I must continually fall at the feet of Jesus, thank him for his perfect obedience, and invite God to conform me into the image of his Son.

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David said...

good stuff. so often our actions don't line up with our beliefs. prayer is important. then why don't i??

jpj said...

Yeah know what you mean Dave.
I am constantly convicted about prayer in all different situations but only seem to see it's importance when I'm in need.

The funny thing I find, is I pray that the Holy Spirit will remind me to pray!?!