election witnessing

Running late for my train i hurried down the slippery stairs towards the parallel tracks. The sight of the pamphlet waver was overtaken by the sound of pneumatic doors clinching tight.

Realising my new found time aboard the platform caused me to turn and greet the election campaigner, Heidi. We exchanged small talk about cityrail's persistence in being disliked, and slowly moved on to more personal likes such as music. She told me about her gig at the vanguard as i was handed a brochure declaring "Kevin 07" in bold writing.

As we shared our coming gigs around town, i mentioned one involving church, hoping to steer the conversation towards Jesus. Heidi followed and began to explain her upbringing in pentecostal services and how this enables her to engage the audience as a harpist. She reflected: "i don't believe in that form of god anymore, but i'm still very grateful for that experience"

A familiar sound in the distance grew louder and louder. i wished time would permit further discussion, but instead the sound of the pneumatic doors greeted me. We exchanged farewells as i darted in the closest carriage. I sat, paused and pondered:
...why did i leave so abruptly?
...what if God was calling me to witness in full?
...what if God had softened her heart?

My what if stance on the hour long journey led me to these conclusions:
- The joys of commuting are the countless opportunities for sharing Christ
- The pitfalls of commuting are the countless opportunities of unresolved witnessing
- My hope should rest not in my ability but in Jesus who sovereignly works in me and without me

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Dan said...

Joel... You are my homeboy. I agree totally with your commuting thing. Particularly about Jesus working with or without us. Thank you God that he so often uses us.
On the blog... I'd change the header to be like a moving train at night. Then change the font. I don't know how to do all that cos I need to spend some time figuring out the html mumbo jumbo.

David said...

hey joel. sweet first post.

i'm looking forward to commuting next year. i'm guessing there'll be a tension between working/sleeping/me and being bold.

don't listen to dan... he's technologically inept... that's why he got a kids computer!

you don't need to know the html etc... it's pretty easy to do with blogger to change the header etc. it might take some trial and error with getting the right size of the image... but shouldn't take too long. let me know if you need help.

hey also - get rid of the word verification thing below... it's only necessary if you have heaps of idiots commenting... at the moment it looks like just me and dan!!

Dan said...

... 'only me and Dan' ie. Heaps of idiots.
I am not technologically inept. You are like that guy who once the Dan-like dude invented the wheel he was all like 'ooo that's for kids'

David said...

the wheel is so 20th century!

jpj said...

Classic guys!
Great to see my page promotes sarcasm and ridicule.

Maybe i should change my blog name to 'contempt with character'

Thanks for the style suggestions.
When i progress from a child like Dan to a mumbo like Dave i'll get right on it.


Scott said...

You guys are idiots!!

The wheel was so not 20th century


Joel, despite these intelligent witicisms, its good to hear your thinking. Perhaps you can teach Dave when he's commuting next year

Dan.....he's beyond teaching